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Clutter Makes Seniors’ Homes Danger Zones

Clutter Makes Seniors’ Homes Danger Zones. Advertisements

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Eye See You

When it comes to eye care, most people don’t think about nutrition and the benefits it can provide for healthy eyes. Our eyes can benefit from eating a variety of food that are rich in certain vitamins and minerals or … Continue reading

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Say What?

Hearing loss is a chronic condition many seniors experience.  About one in three over 65 experience some degree of hearing loss.  There are many reasons hearing loss occurs but aging is the main contributor.  Loss of hearing is ranked third … Continue reading

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Addictions and Abuses Among the Elderly

Elderly alcohol abusers can be divided into two general types: the “hardy survivors,” those who have been abusing alcohol for many years and have reached 65, and the “late onset” group, those who begin abusing alcohol later in life. The … Continue reading

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Play Today to Slow Down the Effects of Dementia

Having fun and playing can be good for your health!  If you or a loved one suffer from dementia, there are things you can do to help reduce the effects or even slow down the progression of dementia.  Games are … Continue reading

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