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Fear of Falling Poses Risks

The fear of falling puts seniors at an increased risk for future falls, regardless of their actual risk of tumbling, a new study finds. Australian and Belgian researchers suggest that fall risk assessments should include measures of both actual and … Continue reading

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Nightmare’s may be Early Sign of Parkinson’s

Older adults who shout or cry in their sleep may be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, according to researchers at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. An earlier study found that REM sleep disturbances are an early marker of neurodegenerative … Continue reading

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Driving Safety for Seniors

The issue of seniors driving can be a sensitive and touchy subject. Adult children often worry about the safety of their elderly loved ones when on they are behind the wheel of a car. Watch the video below that appeared … Continue reading

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Sandwich Generation

The Baby Boomer generation, typically, has been characterized as a block of people who think and act as one monolithic generation. However, recent data from the Met Life Market show that Young, Middle and Older Boomers grew up during disparate … Continue reading

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Preparing Seniors for Winter

Frigid temperatures are as harmful to seniors as heat waves in summer. Follow these guidelines and precautions to ‘winter proof’ senior homes and safeguard health. When outside: Dress warmly in loose fitting clothes, layering when possible. Favor mittens over gloves, … Continue reading

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Planning for the Future

What Is Long Term Care or Eldercare Planning? For seniors, the terms “long term care” and “eldercare” are synonymous. For younger people, “long term care” is the more appropriate phrase.For the uninformed family member, eldercare or long term care might … Continue reading

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New Alzheimer’s Finding

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found a new therapeutic target that can potentially lead to a new way to prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.The target – called neutral sphingomyelinase (N-SMase) – is a protein that, when activated, … Continue reading

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