Dementia and Possible Hospitalizations

A recent study from the University of Washington suggests that, “People with dementia are far more likely to be hospitalized than their peers who don’t have any impairment in their brain function.  What’s more, about two-thirds of the hospitalizations that occur in people with dementia are for potentially preventable illnesses.”  Specifically, these researchers “found that having dementia increased the odds of being hospitalized by 41 percent.  They also found the risk of being hospitalized for potentially preventable illnesses was 78 percent higher for people with dementia” (about two-thirds of these potentially preventable admissions were caused by just three diseases: “urinary-tract infection, pneumonia, and congestive heart failure.”)   Thus, according to lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Phelan, “People caring for someone with dementia have an important role to play.  They can be the eyes and ears for the care recipient,” alerting primary-care providers as soon as these patients are experiencing deviations from their normal health patterns.

For more information on this study check out: Washington Study

Here at Home Instead Senior Care, we have highly trained CAREGivers that can help your loved ones that may suffer from dementia.  For more information, please call us at 360-782-4663 or 253-514-9201.

~The Home Instead Senior Care Staff

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