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Coping With Aphasia

Aphasia is a condition that usually results from stroke or other brain injury. It damages parts of the brain involved with communication. People with aphasia have trouble expressing themselves and/or understanding what others are saying to them. Many people with … Continue reading

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Long Term Care Insurance: To Buy or Not To Buy

In today’s economy, deciding whether or not to purchase long- term care (LTC) insurance can be quiet perplexing.  LTC insurance used to be a hot selling item but with the downturn of the economy, LTC insurance industry took a hit.  So before … Continue reading

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Healing Hands

Arthritis is a condition that touches over 50 million Americans.  The condition is an inflammation of the joints that causes swelling, pain and stiffness. There are currently over 100 types of arthritis. One treatment that seems to be decreasing the … Continue reading

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Long-Distance Caregiving

In this video “How to Best Manage Long-Distance Care Giving,” Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care assures families that, while long-distance care giving does present challenges, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The step-by-step approach provided in this caregiver … Continue reading

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Growing Population

Life expectancy in the United States increased to just more than 78 years, according to preliminary data released by the Centers for Disease Control ‘s (CDC’s) National Center for Health Statistics. The estimate of 78.2 years is for a baby … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself With Long-Term Care

Americans are living longer and facing the important decision of whether to purchase long-term care insurance. Most people buy long-term care insurance to protect assets, preserve independence and provide quality care. Long-term care insurance provides for your care when you … Continue reading

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Planning for the Future

What Is Long Term Care or Eldercare Planning? For seniors, the terms “long term care” and “eldercare” are synonymous. For younger people, “long term care” is the more appropriate phrase.For the uninformed family member, eldercare or long term care might … Continue reading

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